Voices From Inside is a documentary, based upon interviews with 16 Jewish Israeli voices of conscience.  Each representing a different facet within the peace movement there, the film traces Zionism from its beginnings to the reality that exists today, with brutal honesty.  Through their eyes and perspectives, it is a film about personal development, the evolution of consciousness within each mind, moving from a perspective of nationalist myths to a revelation regarding moral choices for their society - a society that is permeated and defined by militarism and denial.

It is a system they perceive as occupying and destroying the lives of not only the Palestinian people, but simultaneously consuming itself in that process. These cross-generational voices have all chosen to break Israel's silence.  They have created a path of transcendence, reconciliation and solidarity, working together with the Palestinians, to forge a path for peace.

Run Time: 64 Minutes

Directed by
Lucy Martens
Produced by Lucy Martens and Marjorie Wright
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